Honorific professors issue open letter to York admin

A photo of Kaneff Tower, where York University senior administrative offices are housed

Open Letter to York University Administration

We call on the York University administration to characterize bargaining developments objectively in its community updates. It is our view that recent announcements, including the print and radio ads paid for with University funds, have been marketing the Employer's negotiating position in public, contrary to good bargaining practices. It is enough to say the parties remain far apart or that a final offer has been tabled, for example.

We further call on the administration to exercise the leadership that will guide us through this crisis. We call on the administration not to abandon its commitment to the lived practice of York's core values. We call on the administration to uphold its respect for all members of the York community and to preserve our shared commitment to social justice, equity, diversity, and innovation.

  • Pat Armstrong, FRSC, Distinguished Research Professor
  • James Carley, FRSC, Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus
  • Lorraine Code, FRSC, Distinguished Research Professor Emerita
  • Susan Dimock, University Professor
  • Don Dippo, University Professor
  • Robert Drummond, University Professor Emeritus
  • Jonathon Edmondson, Distinguished Research Professor
  • Sheila Embleton, FRSC, Distinguished Research Professor
  • Ian Greene, University Professor Emeritus
  • Arthur Haberman, University Professor Emeritus
  • Michael Herren, FRSC, Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus
  • Paul Lovejoy, FRSC, Distinguished Research Professor
  • Neal Madras, FRSC
  • David T. McNab, FRSC
  • Laurence Packer, Distinguished Research Professor
  • Leo Panitch, FRSC, Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus
  • Jan Rehner, University Professor Emerita
  • Marcia Rioux, Distinguished Research Professor
  • Nick Rogers, Distinguished Research Professor
  • Ross Rudolph, University Professor Emeritus
  • Leslie Sanders, University Professor
  • Ron Sheese, University Professor
  • Adrian Shubert, FRSC, University Professor
  • Brenda Spotton Visano, University Professor

The signatories to this open letter represent York University faculty who hold the honorific titles of Distinguished Research Professor or University Professor. Although the letter is not a YUFA initiative, YUFA has posted it in order to promote it among members.