GMM backs Exec decision to consider strike mandate vote

The YUFA Executive Committee is pleased to report that, during Monday’s well attended General Membership Meeting (GMM), a solid majority voted to back the Executive’s decision to consider holding a strike mandate vote, should one become necessary.

The motion reads as follows:

In order to provide a firmer basis for progress in the current protracted round of negotiations, the YUFA membership calls upon the YUFA Executive to conduct a vote authorizing possible job action as per Article 9.3 of the YUFA Constitution if a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached.

After a presentation by Miriam Smith, the Chief Negotiator of the Bargaining Team, and a full discussion of the motion, the members voted as follows:

Yes: 162 (63.53%) CARRIED
No: 93 (36.47%)
Abstain: 5 (1.92%)
Total: 260

Monday’s vote gives the Bargaining Team the additional leverage it needs to kick-start the bargaining process, and to show the Employer that YUFA members really care about our proposals.

“We were grateful to hear so much support from the membership, regardless of how they voted on the motion,” says Smith. “We were impressed by the turnout and by how much members are engaged in the process.”

The Bargaining Team will meet the Employer next week and, based on the meeting’s outcome, will assess with the Executive whether a strike vote is necessary. If the Executive decides to hold a vote, members will receive at least one week’s notice and will be able to vote electronically over a five-day period.

“We’re hopeful that this show of support will encourage the Employer to reach a negotiated settlement as soon as possible,” says Art Redding, President of YUFA. “If we make enough progress at upcoming bargaining meetings, it might not be necessary to proceed to a strike mandate vote.”

The Executive Committee would like to thank everyone who was able to attend the GMM, and especially the members who contributed to the discussion, on all sides of the question.

“Even where there is debate over strategy and tactics, our members remain united in their desire to achieve a negotiated settlement as quickly as possible,” adds Redding. “What’s also clear from Monday’s meeting is our unity in supporting our students, and in striving to make York a better place for everyone.”

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