Glendon members invited to second Town Hall on Restructuring

Following a well attended town hall in early January, YUFA is holding a second town hall scheduled for February 1st at 11:30am-1pm as requested by Glendon members to continue discussion about next steps in light of the Employer's continued restructuring efforts. 

At this town hall, YUFA members at Glendon can continue to share information and ideas about collegial responses to the employer's proposed restructuring plans and ask questions of YUFA Executive Officers and staff about their entitlements, options and rights under the collective agreement provisions in Article 18 on the restructuring process.  What does it mean to sign the Principal's letter giving permission to be "voluntarily" transferred? What does this mean for tenure and promotion processes? For workload? For those members who currently hold academic administrator (Appendix P) positions under Glendon's current structure?

Please join once again for an opportunity to participate in these important collegial discussions about restructuring at Glendon. Please RSVP by emailing [email protected] for zoom details.

The conversations are particularly important as the university pursues a number of restructuring projects in various Faculties at both Glendon and Keele campuses.