Faculty/Grad Student Café & Pub set to open in November


An image of the name and logo of "et al."--the new faculty/grad student café and pub

We have a name!

The Faculty & Graduate Student Co-operative held two rounds of consultation to choose a name for the Café & Pub and conducted a vote on a final short list. We are proud to announce that the membership chose the name et al.! We extend thanks to all those who participated in the naming process.

As a citation convention common across all disciplines, "et al." unites us as academics seeking to learn from each other and improve the society we live in. As an abbreviation for et alia, literally "and others," it emphasizes the communal nature of this venture. The space itself is aimed at uniting the faculty and graduate students at York University and will only survive and thrive through the efforts, input, and patronage of this community.

Et al. is a co-operative venture that will create a welcoming space for faculty and graduate students to take time out, eat and drink, meet and network, and provide space for events and experiential educational opportunities. It aims to be environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable, proving that a business can be viable while respecting the environment, surrounding community, and its workers.

Get a sneak peek at the et al. website.

Estimated opening date

Renovations have begun on South Ross 166. There was a slight delay over the summer, as the demolition process uncovered some new problems that had to be addressed (no surprise to those of you who have done home renovations!). Renovations have been resumed, however, and it is anticipated that we will be able to open in early November. Come spring 2018 we'll also be opening the patio!

Meet our new Chef-Manager!

In anticipation of our opening, we have hired a Chef-Manager, Rebecca Russo. Rebecca comes to us with a great deal of experience and a strong commitment to healthy, sustainable, and delicious food! Rebecca grew up on a bio dynamic farm where she cultivated a passion for sustainability and food from a young age. She received her culinary training at Niagara College, developing her skills in various restaurants that worked with local farmers and shared her passion for sustainability. In this project, Rebecca sees the opportunity to improve the campus community by creating an inclusive and sustainable environment to be enjoyed by faculty and graduate students alike.


Et al. is happy to provide catering services on campus. Unfortunately, due to the delay in opening, catering services will be limited until November. Rebecca will primarily be catering larger events sponsored by our corporate members (YUFA, YUGSA, GCC) to test our menu and internal processes. When et al. opens in November, our full catering services will be available campus-wide, providing everything from coffee and tea for small meetings to hot meals for large gatherings.

The full catering menu will be available on our website in the coming weeks.

Check back with the et al. website from time to time for updates, as it is currently under construction.

We look forward to seeing all of you in November!