Equity Subcommittee

Bylaw 3 of the Bylaws establishes the Equity Subcommittee to assist the Equity Officers to facilitate, advance, and advocate for the reduction and removal of inequities at York University, with regard to issues such as hiring, tenure and promotion, salaries, and retirement.

These include inequities on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, age, ethnicity, religion, political belief, language, culture, ancestry, place of origin (birth place), colour, citizenship, creed, sex, pregnancy, sexual preference, marital status, family status, number of dependents, or belief or membership in associations, and other forms of discrimination.

Members of Equity Subcommittee:

Lykke de la Cour (Equity Officer)
Minoo Derayeh (Equity Officer)
Ena Dua (Chair, Race Equity Caucus)
Gertude Mianda (Chair, caucus d' équité raciale à Glendon)
Angele Alook (Chair, Indigenous Caucus)
Ron Ophir (Chair, Queer Caucus)
Soma Chatterjee (member at large)
Anuppiriya Sriskandarajah (member at large)
Alison Harvey (member at large)