Employer and SunLife unilaterally restrict coverage of medical marijuana

The new SunLife benefit booklet has restrictions on accessing medical marijuana that YUFA never agreed to and that we are currently addressing with Faculty Relations. The inappropriate restrictions in the benefits booklet include a pre-approval process and the ability for SunLife to determine which conditions they will cover.

Benefits identified in the benefit booklet is considered part of the Collective Agreement itself. A change in the booklet needs to be negotiated by YUFA and the Employer just as any other change in the Collective Agreement. However, at no point in the negotiations for the renewal of the Collective Agreement has the employer articulated these restrictions. The plain text of the Memorandum of Settlement to the last collective bargaining process does not include any restrictions.

YUFA negotiated coverage of medical marijuana for Faculty, Librarians and Archivists effective May 1, 2022, however members and their dependents who need this medication are denied coverage with SunLife's pre-approval process. 

If any member has problems accessing coverage, we encourage them to contact us at [email protected]. YUFA will also be issuing a call for nominations to fill vacancies on the YUFA Joint Subcommittee on Benefits  shortly.