Communiqué #2 on remediation

YUFA continues to receive queries related to remediation from members across the University. Ongoing member feedback has confirmed YUFA’s view that the Employer’s communications regarding remediation continue to be contradictory and/or confusing and/or unclear.

YUFA’s position is that the Collective Agreement provides members with the right to an adequate and reasonable level of support from the Employer. This includes the provision of an adequate level of teaching and/or marker/grader assistance for a reasonable number of hours. For example, if a YUFA member’s remediation plan for a course requires a certain level of marking for a given number of hours, the Employer must provide that support.

Furthermore, YUFA members cannot be required to take up work that was previously assigned to teaching assistants and/or marker/graders. YUFA has received queries from members who are experiencing pressure to take up such work. YUFA’s unequivocal response is that YUFA members are not required to take up the work of their teaching assistants and/or markers/graders and YUFA urges its members not to do such work.

YUFA has heard from members who are experiencing pushback and/or comments and/or concerns following the provision of their remediation plans to their Dean’s/Principal’s Office. Decanal feedback has included direction for YUFA members to modify their remediation plans and/or to reduce the number of hours of teaching assistance they have built into their plans and/or to request that remediation hours conform to the number of hours that the Dean’s/Principal’s Office has deemed “reasonable”. Any YUFA member experiencing these or related issues is urged to contact YUFA by email at [email protected].

YUFA remains very concerned about some communications that have been sent by Dean’s/Principal’s Offices regarding remediation plans. YUFA’s position is that members have the right to remediate their courses as they consider appropriate. YUFA notes and objects to the threatening tone of some recently disseminated emails.

Finally, YUFA is here reminding members that they have a right to YUFA representation at any meeting with their Dean/Principal.

YUFA urges any members with related questions or concerns to contact YUFA by email at [email protected].