Bargaining Priorities Subcommittee

The YUFA Executive Committee has decided to appoint a Bargaining Priorities Subcommittee (BPS) to ensure broad membership input into the process of developing the priorities for the next round of collective bargaining, which is expected to commence in the spring of 2021. The BPS would actively consult with members and take the lead in developing a survey that would be completed by members no later than the Fall semester 2020. Major issues in recent rounds of negotiations have included salary and benefits, workload, Equity, University governance, sabbaticals, research support, and other items.

Composition of the Committee

The composition of the BPS is outlined below: 

  • Three Executive Committee members: President, one Equity Officer, and one Chief Steward
  • Three members of Stewards' Council (non-Executive Committee members)
  • Three members-at-large

Outline of the bargaining preparation process

Typically, the process of contract review and the drafting of YUFA Primary Negotiating Positions (PNPs) takes almost a year to complete. It is expected that the primary work of the BPS, however, would take place from in early 2020. Informed by the work of the BPS, the Executive Committee would finalize the bargaining survey and draft the full package of proposals (PNPs) that would go to the Stewards’ Council for approval in early 2021. The final package of proposals would be approved at a General Membership Meeting (GMM) shortly after their approval by Stewards' Council.