Annual Call for CV and Report of Outside Professional Activities

Many of you have recently received from your Dean’s Office the annual request for your updated CV and report on outside professional activities. YUFA is concerned about the wording of some of these requests, which appear to impose requirements on members that have not been agreed to by the Association. This advisory is intended to inform you of your rights and obligations under the relevant articles of the Collective Agreement and to ensure that members are not penalized for failing to carry out tasks that have not been negotiated between the parties.

While the Employer can request that you highlight or provide a summary of recent accomplishments, this is not a requirement under the Collective Agreement and your PTR cannot be withheld for failing to do so provided that your CV otherwise meets the requirements of Article 22.07. Some Deans have indicated that they intend to hold meetings to provide “feedback” after reviewing CVs. Members are reminded that while you must attend such meetings if directed to do so, you may request an agenda and are entitled to YUFA representation where the meeting is intended to investigate or discuss any alleged failure to fulfil academic or professional responsibilities. Finally, Article 18.04 requires that you report on the scope of those outside professional activities of a substantial and continuing nature. Should you be uncertain as to whether an activity must be reported under this provision, you are encouraged to contact the Association.

Members are reminded that the 2012-2015 Collective Agreement has expired and YUFA is negotiating a renewal agreement with the Employer. PTR and any negotiated salary increase are paid only once a new Collective Agreement has been negotiated and ratified.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact YUFA at [email protected].