VIDEO: YUFA president reports on developments in bargaining

YUFA President Art Redding reports on two important developments in bargaining: YUFA has applied for a conciliator and the Executive Committee will bring to the GMM on September 17 a motion on a possible strike mandate vote.

"We believe that these two steps—conciliation and positioning ourselves for a strike mandate vote—have the potential to kick-start the bargaining process, and to focus the attention of the Employer," says Redding. "We remain committed to reaching a negotiated settlement, but we need to give our Bargaining Team the leverage they need to get a fair deal."

Read the FAQ on the motion for a strike mandate vote here. Read the latest bargaining update here.

"The contract we negotiate in the next few weeks will determine your work conditions," says Redding. "And the strength of that contract depends on your support."

The full details of the GMM are here.

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