Past Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining 2015

YUFA’s collective agreement expired on 30 April 2015.  YUFA began bargaining with the Employer at the end of May 2015 with the goal of achieving a new and improved collective agreement.

A tentative agreement was reached on February 9, 2016 and was ratified by the membership on February 23, 2016.

This page provides information about:
Tentative Agreement (now ratified)

Primary Negotiating Positions

Members can access YUFA’s Primary Negotiating Positions.  Password:  yufapnp

Bargaining Updates

Executive Statement on the Tentative Agreement (February 12, 2016)

Bargaining Team Report on the Tentative Agreement (February 12, 2016)

Little Movement on YUFA’s Key Proposals (September 21, 2015)

YUFA Serves Notice to Bargain (April 15, 2015)

Bargaining Backgrounders

Backgrounder #3: Balancing Workload: Good for Research, Good for Students, Good for York (September 21, 2015)FAQ Strikes and Lockouts

Backgrounder #2: Why-Doesnt-the-Employer-Trust-Faculty-FINAL

Backgrounder #1: Is York Really Broke? (June 23, 2015)


Frequently Asked Questions

Strikes & Lockouts


Collective Bargaining 2012

2011 YUFA Bargaining Survey Results

Addendum to MOS July 2012

Article 9 Draft Language

Bargaining Survey April 2011 Faculty

Bargaining Survey April2011 Librarians

Bargaining Updates 2012

CAUT Carriage Rights Backgrounder

Collective Bargaining Team 2012

Draft Primary Negotiating Positions 2012

Draft Primary Negotiating Positions Sent to Stewards’ Council

Invitation for YUFA Members to Participate in the Bargaining Process

Post-Doctoral Visitor Language

Primary Negotiating Positions 2012 – Final

Protecting Public Services Act 2012

Ratification Results 2012

Report of the Chief Negotiator

Tentative Settlement 2012

YUFA Executive Endorses Tentative Settlement July 2012


Collective Bargaining 2009

YUFA Executive Unanimously Endorses 2009 Settlement

YUFA bargaining survey 2008 TABLES

YUFA 2009 Settlement Summary

Schedule Discussion Meetings with Contract Review Committee

Ratification Vote Results

PTR and PER Adjustments

Invitation to YUFA Members for Input

Improvements in Active and Retired Member Benefits

GMM and Ratification Vote Announcement

Contract Review Committee 2009

Collective Bargaining Team 2009

Chief Negotiator’s Report 2009

Bargaining Updates 2009

Announcement of Tentative Settlement

2011 Base Salary Adjustments

2009 Primary Negotiating Positions

2009 Memorandum of Settlement

2009 Membership Questionnaire Coming


Collective Bargaining 2006

2006 Bargaining Priorities Subcommittee

2006 Bargaining Survey Part 1

2006 Bargaining Survey Part 2

2006 Collective Bargaining Team

2006 Membership Questionnaire Results

2006 Memorandum of Settlement

2006 Primary Negotiating Positions

GMM Report

Highlights 2006 Tentative Settlement

Librarian Sabbatical Credit

President’s Report to Stewards’ Council

Ratification Vote Results

Special General Meeting 2006 Settlement

Tentative Settlement Information

Workload Workshops


Collective Bargaining 2003

2003 Bargaining Positions by Article

2003 Bargaining Positions by Topic

2003 Collective Bargaining Team

2003 Ratification Results

2003 Settlement

Bargaining Update #1

Bargaining Update #2

Bargaining Update #3

Bargaining Update #4

Bargaining Update #5

Membership Meeting and Ratification Vote Announcement

Questionnaire suggests bargaining goals for 2003

Ratification of Primary Negotiating Positions

Report of the Chief Negotiator

Tentative Settlement Announcement


Collective Bargaining 2001

2001 Settlement Summary

Collective Bargaining Team 2001

Collective Bargaining Team 2001

Fact Sheet 1 (Teaching Load)  Fact Sheet 2  (Consistent Teaching Loads)  Fact Sheet 3  (Health & Safety)  Fact Sheet 4  (Cost of Living)

Fact Sheet 5   (Salaries)    Fact Sheet 6 (Pensions)

Fact Sheet 7

Members Ratify Collective Agreement

Memorandum of Agreement

Report of the Chief Negotiator