Long Range Planning (Article 7.05)

The Joint Subcommittee on Long Range Planning (LRP) (Article 7.05) is maintained through JCOAA for joint consideration of factors bearing on the future well-being of the University and members of the YUFA bargaining unit, including:

  • long-range salary policy and its relationship to complement policy and university finances;
  • enrolment trends and their implications for faculty complement and university finances;
  • plans that relate to the implications of secondary school reform; and
  • implications of academic planning for the job security, professional and collegial lives of YUFA members.

The LRP Subcommittee meets at least once a month during the Fall and Winter semesters. and submits an annual summary report of its activities to the JCOAA by 31 March of each year.


JCOAA Long-Range Planning Committee Report:  SHARP Budget Model (May 2015)
JCOAA Long-Range Planning Committee Report:  YUFA’s Response to York’s New Campus Proposal (April 2015)