Joint Committees

The Collective Agreement establishes a number of committees that have joint representation of YUFA and the Employer to discuss matters of mutual concern in between periods of collective bargaining. Joint committees that are currently active appear in the drop-down menu to the right.

  • Joint Committee on the Administration of the Agreement (JCOAA) (Article 7)
  • Joint Financial Information Subcommittee (Article 7.04)
  • Joint Subcommittee on Long Range Planning (Article 7.05)
  • Joint Subcommittee on Benefits (Article 7.06)
  • Joint Subcommittee on Employment Equity and Inclusivity (Article 7.08)
  • Joint Subcommittee on Course Evaluations (Article 7.09)
  • Committee to Revise the Criteria and Procedures for Promotion and Continuing Appointments of Librarians and Archivists (Article 7.10)
  • Dispute Resolution Committee (Article 9.09)
  • Joint Affirmative Action Committee (Article 12.24)
  • Joint Committee on Pension Plan & Retirement Provisions (Article 14.01 (d))
  • Joint Committee on Teaching Load and Class Size (Article 18.14)
  • Joint Educational Leave Committee (Article 19.19)
  • Joint Leave Fellowship Fund (Sabbatical) Committee (Article 19.30)
  • Joint Teaching-Learning Development Fund Committee (Article 19.31)
  • Joint Release-Time Teaching Fellowship Committee (Article 19.32)
  • Joint Research Development Fellowship Committee (Article 19.33/Appendix L)
  • Joint Health & Safety Committee (Protocol)