Employer rejects increasing YUFA's "progress through the ranks" increment (PTR), leaving it worth half what it was two decades ago

Each year the base salary of YUFA members is subject to two adjustments. The first is a negotiated percentage increase to the previous year’s base salary called the “base salary adjustment” or “across the board” (ATB) salary increase. The second adjustment is the “progress through the ranks” (PTR) increment, a dollar amount which is negotiated separately in each round of bargaining. A similar salary structure exists at most Canadian universities with the PTR recognizing the contribution to teaching, research, and service that faculty and librarians make each year.

The PTR at York University is currently $2833, an amount that has increased only three times (by a total of $408 or 16.8%) since 2006. During this period, inflation was 47% so that today the value of the PTR is much less than what it was in 2006

Earlier this month during collective bargaining meetings, YUFA proposed that the PTR increment be raised after falling so far behind inflation, and behind the levels for comparable faculty groups at other Ontario universities. The Employer refused.

Junior faculty members are the most affected by the Employer’s position. These members suffer most from an unchanging PTR as they experience lower salary growth and will earn lower pensions decades from now. 

More senior members are also negatively affected as the promotion increment paid upon promotion to next highest rank is equal to one PTR, and equal to two PTR increments for promotion to Full Professor, Senior Lecturer, Senior Librarian, or Archivist. As PTR has not increased, promotion at York University has much smaller remunerative impact today than in past.

YUFA is determined to see a boost to the PTR in this round of bargaining.