Call for Nominations: YUFA Recording Secretary and Equity Officer

Dear Colleagues:

You are invited to nominate a colleague or yourself for these offices on the YUFA Executive Committee.  Both positions carry a course release (pro-rated for the Equity Officer).  The job descriptions for each office are below.  If interested, you are required to provide a written statement outlining any relevant skills.  If nominating someone other than yourself, you must seek the consent of the individual nominated.  The term of office for the Recording Secretary is June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2022.  The term of office for the Equity Officer ends May 31, 2021.


The deadline for nominations is 12:00 pm Wednesday, May 27, 2020.    Written statements must be sent to YUFA with the subject heading Nomination for Executive Committee.  Following the close of nominations, an electronic vote will be conducted.


Job Descriptions: Equity Officer and Recording Secretary


Equity Officer (1 of 2 positions)


Facilitate and advocate for the reduction and removal of inequities within YUFA and York, assisted by the Equity Subcommittee; chair Equity Subcommittee; develop and carry out projects and priorities as part of the work plan; member of Executive and Stewards’ Council. Each Equity
Officer shall receive 1.0 course equivalent of teaching release. Note: the teaching release will be prorated to the period ending May 31, 2021.


Recording Secretary


Takes and prepares the minutes of Executive Committee (minimum twelve per annum), General Meetings (minimum two per annum), and meetings of Stewards’ Council (minimum eight per annum). Shall receive 1.0 course equivalent of teaching release