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February 2015: President’s report: “York is not alone” ~ Advisories ~ Bargaining Team Appointed ~ AAPR updates ~ JCOAA Report

December 2015: AAPR and University Planning

November 2014: AAPR Advice for Members in Admin Positions, Exec. Motion

November 2014 Special AAPR Update

October 2014 [VP Internal Welcome ~ No AAPR Debate ~ Budgets vs Financial Statements ~ How to Read YU’s Financial Statements ~ Nominations Open: Chief Steward, Equity Officer ~ GMM 25 November ~ Collective Bargaining Workshop ~ Department Visits]

September 2014 [e-Newsletter and Website Update~President’s Report~Good News for theUniversity Financial Picture ~AAPR: Time for a Re-evaluation?~New Report, ‘Doing the PIF’]