Stewards’ Council

The YUFA Constitution (Article 4) establishes the Stewards’ Council to direct the affairs of the Association between General Meetings. The Stewards’ Council provides a forum for discussion of issues of concern to YUFA members and can direct the Executive Committee to take action thereon. Its other roles include ratifying appointments, subcommittees, and By-Law amendments, approving primary negotiating positions before their ratification by the membership, reviewing the Executive Committee’s work plans, and recommending Constitutional amendments to the membership. The Stewards’ Council includes members of the Executive Committee, all elected Stewards, and one representative from each Recognised Caucus.


Stewards Council meetings are generally held the first Friday of every month during term time and are open to all YUFA members.

September 8FC 308 (Brian Craig room)
October 6280 N YL
November 3109 Atkinson (Harry Crowe room)
December 1280N YL
January 5519 Kaneff Tower
February 2280N YL
March 2280N YL
April 6UNIFOR Local 112, 30 Tangiers Road
May 4PROMED Building, 1315 Finch Avenue West, Suite 216