Bargaining 2015

Bargaining Update #4:

Bargaining Resumes in August

After a three-week hiatus, YUFA’s Bargaining Team will meet again with the employer this Monday, August 17. Five more meetings are scheduled in the last two weeks of August. Major outstanding issues include our proposals on collegial governance (discussed in Bargaining Backgrounder #2), workload and working conditions, faculty complement, compensation and benefit improvements, and a range of equity proposals. We …

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Bargaining Backgrounder #2:

Why Doesn't the Employer Trust Faculty?

In our second bargaining backgrounder, we explore the central importance of collegial self-governance and the host of ways that the collegial rights of faculty have been eroding at York. Whether in hiring, tenure and promotion, or searches for senior administrators, the judgments of faculty are increasingly being displaced by those of senior administrators. A strong majority of YUFA members believe we need to strengthen collegial governance, and YUFA's bargaining proposals reflect that. The Employer so far has said no to such proposals, leaving us to wonder: why? Don't they trust us? 

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University Restructuring

YUFA Files Freedom of Information Request for New Campus Proposal

After months of requesting York University's proposal for the new campus in Markham, and after receiving a heavily redacted copy and only the most general information at JCOAA's Long Range Planning Committee, the YUFA Executive has filed Freedom of Information Requests with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU), the City of Markham, and York University. These requests ask …

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YUFA Concerned about Library and Bookstore Changes

Recently, a number of issues regarding changes in working conditions have come to our attention. These include the fact that the Sound and Moving Image Library (SMIL) will no longer deliver videos for class, the fact that the reserve system is being changed, forcing us to re-enter all of the information for our library reserves, and the fact that LAPS is moving away from the …

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Update: Sound and Moving Image Library (SMIL) Changes

At the JCOAA co-chairs meeting on Friday, July 31, YUFA conveyed its objections to the suspension of DVD delivery from the Sound and Moving Image Library (SMIL) and, in particular, the lack of notice to YUFA. The employer agreed that notice should have been given. We are continuing to press the Employer to ensure that all administrators are aware that …

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Fill Out YUFA's Survey on Facilities and Services

On August 13, 2015, YUFA emailed a survey to all members regarding the impact of changes in York's working environment on our work lives. Under Article 18.38 of the Collective Agreement, the Employer is required to provide adequate facilities and services to support our work. A number of recent changes have raised concerns about our workload and the adequacy of the space, equipment, and level of staff support available to us. We are asking you to complete a brief survey in order to help YUFA to understand these changes and the impact on our members and allow us to advocate more effectively on your behalf. Use the link sent to you in the email, and complete the survey by August 31, 2015. Please contact yufa@yorku.ca if you experience any problems.


Member Advisories

Document Preservation Notice Advisory

The Employer has recently sent a memorandum reminding members to preserve records that may be relevant to litigation launched by “Access Copyright” in 2013. This reminder referred members to the Document Preservation Notice issued on June 27, 2013 and stated that this notice remains in effect. YUFA has filed grievances regarding the Document Preservation Notice and the reminder notice. It …

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Beyond YUFA

YUFA Supports UNITE HERE Fight for Good Jobs in Jane-Finch

At its meeting on July 14, 2015, the YUFA Executive voted to express its support to UNITE HERE Local 75 in their fight to defend well-paying jobs in the Jane-Finch community. Local 75 is currently attempting to bargain a new collective agreement with the Holiday Inn Toronto-North York, managed by the Hamilton, ON-based Vrancor Group. Vrancor is refusing to accept the …

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Calls for Involvement

YUFA Executive Committee:

By-Election for Equity Officer (1 of 2)

Notice of Vacancy:  By-Election for YUFA Officer Position Third Call Nominations are now being accepted for the position of Equity Officer (1 of 2).  Term of office ends 31 May 2016. Candidates for election as Officers of the Association shall submit written statements of their qualifications, goals, and interest in serving. Where two or more candidates stand for an Officer position, …

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Call for Nominations:

Joint Committee on Affirmative Action

Fourth Call: YUFA is seeking three members for the Joint Implementation Committee on Affirmative Action for Faculty and Librarians (Article 12.22). The mandate of this subcommittee is to ensure that units conform to the Article 12.21 criteria for selecting candidates and to ensure that units actively seek out and give fair consideration in their selection processes to candidates designated in the …

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OFL Workers of Colour Symposium, September 11-12, 2015

The Ontario Federation of Labour will be holding a Workers of Colour Symposium on September 11-12, 2015 at the Holiday Inn Toronto-Yorkdale Hotel, 3450 Dufferin Street, Toronto. According to the OFL, "The Symposium will allow a safe space for participants to discuss racism, discrimination, social and economic inequities in the labour movement, workplaces and our communities while accessing learning workshops that will …

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YUFA Members Discussion Forum

In the new website, launched in April 2015, YUFA included a Members' Area that allows all YUFA members to engage in discussion about the issues we collectively face at York. The members’ forum has a very user-friendly interface and a streamlined set of categories to which members can post and subscribe:

• Collective Agreement: Bargaining and JCOAA

• Collegiality and Governance at YU

• Budgets and Finance (including Pensions)

• Issues in Higher Education

• Community

Although YUFA members have many ways of communicating with each other, this is the only space  that includes everyone and can allow the whole membership to engage in information-sharing and strategic discussions. Members can log on to the site from the home page or the Members' Area (in the banner across the top of the YUFA website). Your user name is the first part of your @yorku.ca email address (e.g., the user name for rwellen@yorku.ca would be ‘rwellen’). If have forgotten your password or have not yet received one, use the prompt in the log-on box to create a new one.